Can Nadal.
A Place to Connect.

01 - Welcome

Connect to a magical atmosphere...

Can Nadal is a place to connect. To yourself and to others. Because we are all one

The House
Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor
01 - The House

If you have any questions about the rental options, please let us know.

02 - Our Story

Vision 'Transcendental Centre'

In the summer of 2021 I had a vision. A house in the area of Barcelona, Spain, seen from the sky. I even could draw how it looked like: with towers, an arched entrance… And the words that came to me were: “Transcendental Centre”.

03 - Gallery
04 - Our Philosophy

Be Part of
Can Nadal's Magic

Be part of our community of practisioners, therapists, musicians, body workers, instructors, healers and many more that want to bring something to fellow humans! We are here to grow, to heal, to connect to ourselves and to others. Because we are all one. Can Nadal invites you to shine your light on others, to share your passion, to live your talent. We have space for you!

Connect to a magical atmosphere...​

Can Nadal, A Place to Reconnect.